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Apostle Milupi launches the Strategic Plan for Lusaka East-Kafue Apostle Area

The New Apostolic Church in Zambia has in the recent past been building capacity in District Leaders in the implementation of their Apostle Area Strategic Plans.

This activity is very important, as it provides a more structured way of doing things, changing from working without formal plans to using formalized plans and strategies.

On June 13, 2015, Apostle Michael Milupi launched a five year strategic plan for the Lusaka East-Kafue Apostle Area for 2016 to 2021. The document was launched during the Inter District Fundraising Luncheon held at Kafue main congregation.

The Apostle stressed for the need to use the document to improve the quality of faith among God’s children in the area.

The Apostle, who was accompanied by District Ministers in his working area urged the ministers to ensure that the document trickles down to rectors so that the plan is integrated into the activities.

The plan of District Apostle 28 is formulated around four pillars mainly self governance, self education, self sustenance and self propagation.

The goal of the plan is to position the Church at all levels in strategic positions for furthering spiritual and material development.

This in turn, it is envisaged, will support all those that are cared for to remain steadfast in faith and await the eminent return of the Lord.

Apostle Milupi noticed that his Area had made noticeable strides towards self-sustenance in areas of infrastructure development and resource mobilization.

He pledged to support the document at all levels of implementation and thanked members for their efforts into the production of the plan.

The objectives of the strategic plans in all Apostle Areas include among others:

  • to build capacity at Apostle Area level for implementation of their strategic plans;
  • to create linkages for oneness in DAA 28 through integrated planning and,
  • to create structures for monitoring and reporting contributions of Apostle Areas to self-sustenance initiatives of DAA 28.

This is the first Apostle Area strategic plan to be launched in District Apostle Area (DAA 28). At the International level, District Apostle Ndandula has already approved the District Apostle Area Strategic Plan and he has asked all Apostle Areas to draw their strategic plans from the DAA Strategic plan. The District Apostle’s Office will encourage and monitor the implementation of these plans in the Apostle Areas. 

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