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A pleasant surprise for District Apostle Ndandula

New Apostolic Church members of Kaulungu Congregation in Lusaka Central – Kabwe East Apostle Area, gave District Apostle Charles Ndandula what he described as ‘a pleasant surprise’, in the new and beautiful church the District Apostle was requested to dedicate only a few days earlier. The divine service which the District Apostle Ndandula was scheduled to conduct for Kaulungu Congregation on June 14, 2015, was upgraded to a dedication service – a pleasant surprise for District Apostle Ndandula. 

Kaulungu  Congregation   currently  has  a   membership  of    120  and  is   situated  about  1  kilometre  before  Kyindu  Ranch   on  Leopards Hill  Road  which  is  cared  for  by  Apostle  Stanley  Munsaka. He is assisted by Bishop O.S. Kalumiana.


Accompanied by Apostles Ranford Simumbwe and Stanley Munsaka of Lusaka (host), and Bishop Oscar Kalumiana of Lusaka, District Apostle Ndandula read from 1 Corinthians 1: 22-24:

“For Jews request a sign, and Greeks seek after wisdom: but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.”

The  historical  background  of  the  spiritual  work  at  Kaulungu  Congregation  started  in  2001.  Members  formerly  belonged  to  Kyindu  congregation  which   moved  from  a  School  Chapel  located  within  Kyindu  Ranch  at  a  former  Primary  School. 

When  the  Kyindu  Congregation  was  moved  to  a new location behind  ZESCO  Leopards  Hill  Sub-station,  members  failed  to  continue  going  to  Kyindu  on  account  of  distance  which  was  compounded   by  the  fencing  out  of  the  short-cut  by  the  Kyindu  Ranch Administration.

The  late Brother  Petson  Luhanga  offered  a plot  for  the  construction  of  a  semi-permanent  church  which  was  demolished  and  the  construction  of  a permanent structure started in 2001. This permanent church building was dedicated on 17th October 2010 by Apostle Munsaka.


The decision to build the new Church which was dedicated on June 14, 2015 arose from the construction of the new tarred road connecting Lusaka to Chirundu which required widening of the existing road thus placing the old church in close proximity to the road. Due to this reason, the church building was earmarked for demolition by Government with a view to compensating the church by building a new structure away from the road. However, this promise was not fulfilled hence thoughts to put up a new structure were presented to the leadership.

In view of the District Apostle’s scheduled visit  to Kaulungu on 14th June 2015, the district embarked on the construction of this Church on 14 May 2015 and completed the structure on 10th June 2015. The construction of this Church is part of implementing the Apostle Area Strategic Planning in the Elder District of building one Church Building every year. The Elder District is already focused on completing Olympia Park as well as rebuilding Mikango and Twikatane Churches to meet the Church Office standard while assisting other Elder Districts in the Apostle Area.


As part of implementing the Apostle Area Strategic Plan 2015-2019, District Elder Yakomba Yavwa, requested other congregations in the district to help the re-construction of Kaulungu Church with Central Congregation providing the coordination and leading role. The total amount spent on this reconstruction was K125,000 of which about 72% was contribution from Lusaka Central Congregation. In addition, Church Office supported the construction with Window Panes.

740 members attended the dedication service.

n a related development, after years of anxiety and hard work, Bethany church building has now been completed and the building was dedicated on June 14, 2015, by District Apostle Helper Robert Nsamba.

This was an exciting and memorable Sunday for the members of the New Apostolic Church in Bethany congregation in Lusaka West – Mumbwa Apostle Area, due to the long awaited dedication of Bethany Church  by the District Apostle Helper Robert Nsamba.

District Apostle Helper Nsamba used John 8:12 as text word

“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.””


Bethany Congregation started as a Section of Khola Congregation. It became a branch on 7th May, 2003. The first service was conducted by Community Evangelist T. Njamba on the same day, May 7, 2003 in a rented House Number 68/42 and the attendance was 92 Souls.

The branch was established to cater for members in the section which was most distant from Khola Congregation and had a membership 180.

On 12th October, 2006, the plot on which this Church stands was purchased and the branch then moved to the new Plot and put up a temporary structure as a place of worship. Construction of a permanent structure started in December 2006.

District Apostle Helper Nsamba was accompanied by the area Apostle Donald Kalyangu.

2217 attended the service.

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