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National Youth Day in Zimbabwe

Area Apostle Daniel Mulemba officiated at the 2018 New Apostolic Church National Youth Day for Zimbabwe and Youth Service which was held from Friday, May 4 – 6, 2018.

201 youths from across Zimbabwe gathered at Kwekwe Primary School for the event.

On Saturday, May 5th the Apostle officially opened the gathering. The youths participated in a talent show, march past and sporting activities, including a choral presentation.

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend with a festive Divine Youth Service which was held at Kwekwe Primary School. Apostle Mulemba (officiant) used a bible text from 1 Samuel 3: 4 part thereof: “Here I am!”

In reference to the text, Apostle Mulemba encouraged the young people to aspire to do the work of God.

“My dear brothers and sisters, dear youths; the future of the work of God is in you. As read in our text, let us submit ourselves and allow the Lord to use us in His work of salvation,” he said.

The Apostle further urged the youths to do the right things which will bring honour and glory to God.

“As young people, we must occupy ourselves with things that bring honour and glory to our heavenly Father. ‘Here I am’means as a Christian, I am where I am supposed to be. Adam and Eve, after they had sinned, went to hide. Let us always submit ourselves. When the Lord calls on us, our response should be, “Here I am,” he said.

During the service, a Community Evangelist was assigned as rector for two congregations while a Priest and a Deacon were ordained.

256 members attended the service.

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