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NAC Zambia donates to Kanyama West Clinic

 New Apostolic Church in Kanyama donated assorted items to Kanyama West Health facility on behalf of the members in Khola district of Lusaka West/Mumbwa Apostle area during the festival period.

Making the donation on 29thDecember 2018, Apostle Donald Kalyangu alluded to the fact that the Christmas and New Year festivities were a period of sharing love. The Apostle made specific reference to the scripture according to Matthew 25:36 “… I was sick and you visited me…”

Among the donated items are, 15 small lockers, 10 pairs of bed sheets, 10 pillow cases and various cleaning materials and utensils all valued at K7,128.00.  

Apostle Kalyangu said, a clean environment was important to the patients’ quick recovery. He thanked the Khola district and Kanyama Zone Liberal Committee members of the New Apostolic Church for their contributions towards the donation he was making to the clinic.

The Apostle further appealed to the health facility management to make good use of the donation for the benefit of the patients. Receiving the donation Acting Sister-In-Charge Aggie Chofwa, thanked the New Apostolic Church for the donation and pledged to use the donated items prudently. She further implored the church to compliment the efforts of the Ministry of Health that was over whelmed with so many obligations of providing health care to the citizens of Zambia. Sister Chofwa also appealed to other religious groups to emulate what the New Apostolic Church had done for the betterment of service provision at the health facility. 

Before Apostle Kalyangu donated the above mentioned items, the members, led by Lusaka West/Mumbwa Liberal Committee chairperson Elder Titus Muyangwa also Khola district rector, participated in a cleaning exercise of the clinic premises.  

Kanyama West Health centre with a staff of 51 was opened on 21st October 2009. It carters for a population of about 300,000. On a daily basis, about 600 patients are attended to with diarrhoeal complaints being most prevalent due to lack of clean drinking water. In addition, the health facility has a 15 bed maternity ward with about 20 deliveries per day. Most of the people attended to at this clinic are out-patients.