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Thank you – Chief Apostle’s visit – 2018

 My dear brothers and sisters,

With fresh memories of the 90 years celebrations of the existence of our Church in Zambia and the blessed time we had with our dear Chief Apostle in our District, the climax of which was the Festive Divine Service on 29th April 2018 in Livingstone, it is my pleasure to write this circular to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, sacrifice and support towards the successful hosting of these events. In particular, I hereby thank the committees in Livingstone and all those in Livingstone who spent their time at the Nakatindi Church grounds, sometimes without meals.

Although the works at Nakatindi Church grounds were quite challenging, it is gratifying to note the hosting of the Chief Apostle, including the live transmission of the Divine Service through ZNBC were very successful. We also had a good attendance and offering, both at Nakatindi and in the connected congregations. Dear brothers and sisters, whenever progress is made in the work of God, the devil is not happy and would like to disturb or even reverse what the Lord has achieved through us. I therefore urge you to be vigilant at all times and do not fall prey to speculations which are not supported by evidence, which can cause you to be discouraged in working for and serving the Lord and getting your blessings and ultimately the final reward of your faith. Accordingly, be focused on the goal of your faith.

Once again I am very grateful for the support you render to me and God’s work in the District Apostle Area. May God richly bless you all! I have already written another circular to inform you that our Chief Apostle will visit us in July 2019 and he will have, two (02) Divine Services, in Ndola and in Lusaka. There is need to commence preparations already because time runs very fast. I hereby appeal to you again to join hands and hearts with me and pray and work together for the success of the two (02) Divine Services and the two (02) Concerts.

Please receive love and hearty greetings from me, our dear Chief Apostle and my fellow Apostles.

Yours sincerely,