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Sunday school

Recruitment of Sunday school Children

In Zambia, the Sunday school Children are recruited through their parents noting that the children’s entry into Sunday school, is based on parental love and faith.

Sunday school in Zambia lasts for 4 years beginning at the national age entry into the formal school thus:

  • Year 1   age  07 years
  • Year 2   age  08 years
  • Year 3   age  09 years
  • Year 4   age  10 years

Love and faith of the parents and teachers, are the motivating factors in the teaching of Sunday school children.

The Sunday school syllabus is based on the 4 year programme as published by Verlag in Frankfurt.

The Sunday school teachers use local languages and English as the medium of instruction.

Apart from the lessons the children also learn some hymns. One can find Sunday school choirs in most congregations. These children’s choirs are given an opportunity to sing occasionally in divine services alongside the main choir.


Special Divine Services for Sunday school children are conducted twice per term (at the beginning and end of term).

Outings for Sunday school children are made occasionally.

Alongside lessons, Sunday school Children also learn poems and sketches which they perform and recite at gatherings occasionally.

Sunday school lessons are taught according to circumstances in the congregation. Lessons are held mainly at weekends for duration not exceeding one (1) hour.

A Sunday school child reciting a poem

Who teaches Sunday school?

In both urban and rural areas, brothers and sisters with special qualities and talents are assigned to teach Sunday school.

DA with children

District Apostle Ndandula with Sunday school children