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Young people

After confirmation, at 15 years of age, the youth are encouraged by the parents, youth leaders and the ministers to join youth activities until they attain 35 years of age, even if they get married.

After a Youth Service at Lusaka Central congregation

Youth activities

The following are the activities in which the youth in Zambia, are involved:

Taking care of the aged…

and the orphans

Choir, testifying, helping the aged, helping the sick and taking part in community based activities, such as cleaning church surroundings and maintenance of chapels.

The Youth attend youth meetings, youth divine services, once every month apart from December. During special days for the youth, the young people take part in games, sports, sketches and poems and end the day with a choral concert. A special Day of the Youth is arranged in every Apostle’s working area once in a year.  

All the above activities are common both in rural and urban areas. Occasionally, during the day of the youth, those in urban congregations, go to rural centers and vice-versa. All these are opportunities for them to get together and know each other as brothers and sisters. The challenges, successes and experiences of the youth in these activities generate interest that keeps the youth active in the church.

A Tag-of-war contest between two youth groups

Expenses for these activities including funding for transport, food and accommodation for the day of the Youth are met by the youth themselves.